Monday, August 08, 2005

Pathways is about People

If you check out the Pathways Church website, the site of the UUA's first large church startup, it says pathways is about people. And part of being about people is communicating with them! Those familiar with UU churches and our websites will notice how slick this website is. Pathways is putting into practice some important lessons which most churches are slow to pick up on.

Your website is the most important publication you have and tells the world who and what you are.

You should have pictures of people on your website.
It should be clear and easy to navigate.
Your message should be obvious.
You should have easy ways to contact human beings.
Your options for joining groups should be very prominant.

I love that Pathways has a "Community" link that takes you to info about small groups. It is VERY clear how Pathways is going to help you connect to people.

Some advice: Imagine that your only publication is your website. Put everything you offer online. Have a weekly or bi-monthly email update for anyone in the world interested in your church. Make it EASY to know what is going on and how to get involved.

What? Oh... You're right. That takes skill, time, money and a whole lot of intention. You better believe it. And you should do it. Its as important as your minister not having spinach between her teeth while she preaches on Sunday morning. Newcomers will forgive some lingering greens. They will not hesitate to surf on and find a different church.