Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Association Sunday" 2007 to fund marketing and growth efforts

The UUA's special fundraising Sunday is taking shape. Earlier flyers sent to UUA member congregations called this Growth Sunday. This Sunday is the - the next in the Ministry Sunday and Youth & Young Adult (Mind the Gap) Sunday series. Below are details from the new Association Sunday webpage.

Association Sundays

What are "Association Sundays"?

We at the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations know our congregations can do more together than alone, and that is why, as part of the "Now Is The Time" comprehensive fund raising campaign, we are organizing a series of Association Sundays. Because our surveys indicate growth is the highest priority, these Sundays will be devoted to Growing our Numbers, Spirit, Leadership, Witness and Diversity. The first Association Sunday is scheduled for October 14, 2007. The theme will be: Growing our Faith through Growing our Numbers. Funds raised will be for national marketing and Growth Outreach Projects.

Why do we need Association Sundays?

We need to bring our congregations together to more effectively pursue our mission of affirming the "inherent worth and dignity" of every person in the world. We are "better together," and we can help one another, by combining our resources to have more of an influence on others, and our country. These Association Sundays will increase our connection and effectiveness. Now is the time for our congregations to grow stronger and more vital because we believe our religious values are needed to help heal the wounded world.

How do I organize this Sunday in my congregation?

  1. Register with the Stewardship and Development Office at by May 1, 2007
  2. Schedule October 14, 2007, or a Sunday close to it, for your Association Sunday service and special collection;
  3. After registering you will receive a resource packet containing worship and educational materials;
  4. Share your enthusiasm with other and get them involved. You can post flyers (PDF ) on your notice boards.

Who can I contact for further information?

Send an email to , or email Reverend Stephan Papa at . You can also call Cherisse Haakonsen at 617-948-6544 or send her an email at .

Thursday, February 01, 2007

SGM 911: Getting Dangerous with Small Group Ministry Report

Below is a link to a report & set of recommendations I shared with the Rev. Terry Sweetser, UUA Development Department and Special Advisor to the President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, in April of 2006. It outlines why I think many small group ministries are failing and what we could do to help them given the funding.

SGM 911: Getting Dangerous with Small Group Ministry (PDF)

I'm posting this doc because recently I've had several UUA staff members and UU parish minsiters ask if I think there is a problem with our existing model(s) of small group ministry. SGM911 communicates my take on this issue.

I invite you to share this document at will, print it, post it, whatever you'd like. Anything to get a conversation going. Especially a conversation with the UUA's board and staff.

Have thoughts on how SGM is doing? Post a comment below.