Saturday, August 27, 2005

Did I die and go to Heaven?

Nope! I just checked out the new UU WORLD website. It looks great. So light an airy. I'm pleased to see that with the move from 5 world issues to 4 there is a corresponding investment in a more dynamic website and that the site is well done.

NOW we have a great website for our "quarterly denominational magazine" ( and a much improved website for our association (

What's next? I think we need a kick @$$ site for people who are new to our movement. A.k.a. a seeker site. Something with no insider nonsense, UUisms, association business, etc...

I'm pleased to say that I've prioritized this as one of UU PLANET's projects for the coming year. It is time to pull together a fabulous team of people to develop what I see as a grassroots produced or developed seeker site. Where will this seeker site live? -- a domain I saved from the religious right. Yes, died and went to a biblical heaven. A sad sad tale and a domain I'd now stay away from. God help those UU wannabees who try going to that site as their first attempt to learn about us.

After seeing the mega bible site located at the .com I found that was not registered and registered it. After several failed attempts to give it to the UUA I parked it. It is still parked to this day.

Given the focus on UU growth and evangelism today I do believe it is time for this parked domain to be unparked. So, over the coming months please look for updates on this project both here and on the UUPLANET newsletter.

I have some ideas for this site. Do you have ideas? I know UU do. Let me have 'em.