Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teleseminars on UU Evangelsim, Relational Growth Strategies, Small Group Ministry ...

On October 3rd I will be leading the first set of Fall teleseminars. This series is on topics related to Small Group Ministry, UU Evangelism, Leadership Development, and growing our movement. Why offer teleseminars? So Unitarian Universalists across the US to have access the trainings I offer locally, have access to affordable consulting/ministry support in these areas, and so visionary UU's can take a bold step together.

Each seminar is limited to a small group of participants (ten max) and may be paid for by PayPal or via check.

Read more about this series and the schedule for October 3rd.

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Have an idea for a seminar? Let me know.

Hope you'll join me on one of these calls.

Peter Freedman Bowden
UU PLANET Ministry and Media