Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did you miss GA?

If you missed General Assembly, have no fear! You can order audio tapes/cd's and videos of many GA programs. I've talked to many people who don't go to GA because of the expense. Because they've dismissed GA all together they haven't realized this service is available. I ordered CD's of the programs I missed last year -- it was great. To see a list of available programs and to order online visit the following site:

If you are a committee leader, check out the available programs and consider having a group viewing (or listening) of programs related to your committee's work. You might even encourage your congregation to start a library of great GA programs for lay leaders.

If you are one of the many congregations struggling to get people to go to GA, showing a video of GA events after a service is a great way to build interest.

LIVING A CALL now available via the All Souls Church Bookstore

You can now order the latest title from Jenkin Lloyd Jones Press at All Souls Church. Living A Call is now available through the All Souls Bookstore. Discounts are available for bulk orders. To order a single copy order online. For larger orders print out the order form.

If you've read Living A Call already I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.