Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Technology grants and training for growth?

The Alban Institute just made a MAJOR upgrade to their website and technology. New features include podcast promoting new books and upcoming seminars -- 5 to 11 minutes each.

First thing I did on the revised site was subscribe to the podcast and start listening. NOTE you can use itunes (free) to subscribe to audio podcasts and listen to them on your computer even if you don't have an ipod. I don't.... Anyhow, so I started listening. Then I started wanting to GO to these workshops held everywhere BUT in New England.

The point, listening instead of reading got be engaged.

This led me to think, what would happen if all of our congregations had audio or video podcasts. ALL OF THEM.... What would THAT do for growth?

Imagine. Instead of the UUA funding new congregation startup projects, what if they gave technology grants and training to congregations everywhere. I would wager that an association wide investment in technology would immediately lead to real growth.

Hmmmmm..... What's happening with all that Association Sunday money? Friends, now is the time. Time to catch up to the times. Time to be smarter with our shared resources. Time to put out money where the growth is.

Thousands of people are sitting at home, connected to the internet, waiting for us to open our doors to them -- digitally.