Thursday, April 13, 2006

Free UU E-Card Service


Have you ever wanted to send someone a free e-card and found yourself longing that one of the major e-card sites had a chalice theme? Recently I wanted to send an e-card to a UU who I saw on telelvision at a Marriage Equality hearing. I wanted to send a thank you that was, well, faith based.

I couldn't find any UU E-cards online so I went ahead and set up a UU PLANET free E-Card service. Through this service anyone can send free e-cards. I've started to add images, categories, etc... I'd love for any of you UU's out there with card or image ideas to send me either ideas or graphics ready to go.

you can check out this free Unitarian Universalist e-card service at

If you have ideas or images please send them to me at

Thanks and happy Easter.

Peter Freedman Bowden
401 855-0037 Office