Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soul Purpose of Film School

The other day a UU friend asked me if I had gone to film school for the sole purpose of producing Unitarian Universalist outreach and marketing videos.

While it would be nice to spend my days making UU evangelism and related viral videos, I don't see that paying the bills. Also, being married to a UU minister, it is nice to have life about church 24/7.

My media work goes far beyond our UU world. In addition to my work with our congregations, I also produce videos and short films for nonprofit organizations in the greater Boston area -- see my website, . I also work on two nationally syndicated kids tv shows, and am developing my own show/book series. No publisher yet, but I have a new agent.

All of this non-UU work is great fun, meaningful, and pays the bills. The UU media? I'm banking on the fact that I can do more to impact our world and spread our faith via my media ministry than the average congregation. And that's without funding.

If you have ideas for UU evangelism video material - skits, commercials, etc... - please comment.

- Peter