Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christian right to dismantle America’s open society

Interesting article on by Chris Hedges, former NYTImes Mideast Bureau chief. He writes that the radical Christian right is making great progress toward its goal of "co-opting the country’s military and law enforcement."
The drive by the Christian right to take control of military chaplaincies, which now sees radical Christians holding roughly 50 percent of chaplaincy appointments in the armed services and service academies, is part of a much larger effort to politicize the military and law enforcement. This effort signals the final and perhaps most deadly stage in the long campaign by the radical Christian right to dismantle America’s open society and build a theocratic state. A successful politicization of the military would signal the end of our democracy.
Chris Hedges is the author of American Fascists:The Christian Right and the War On America. Those of you opposed to the idea of America becoming a theocracy would do well to check out the Interfaith Alliance's FIRST FREEDOM FIRST campaign.