Monday, January 16, 2006

UUA's Congregational Handbook online

The UUA's new 2005 web based Congregational Handbook is now online. This is a great resource for your you and your fellow leaders.

Below is an excerpt from the introduction:

The online edition is new and improved in a number of ways. It is a Web-based
resource that includes links to numerous documents, Web pages for UUA staff and
contacts, and important non-UUA resources. In 1995, an HTML version of the third
printed edition of The Congregational Handbook was published on the Web.
Therefore, updating the information contained in the third edition as
contemporary concepts of congregational life evolved would have required both
rewriting the book and restructuring the Web pages. In addition, the number of
available congregational life resources has greatly increased since the third
edition, and the costs of their compilation in a multiple-volume hard-copy
congregational handbook would be prohibitive. Thus, this current edition was
conceived as a Web-based source that can be updated and expanded easily as new
resources are discovered. Although this handbook is Web based, parts of it can
be printed out. If you do not have regular access to the Internet or to a
printer, please contact Congregational Services for a printed version of many of
the resources.