Thursday, May 18, 2006

Don't like UU merchandise? Make your own.

I was guest preaching recently at one of our congregations and the issue of marketing came up in coffee hour. During the children's message I had talked about famous UU's and how most people have NO idea they're UU's at all. This led to discussing ways get UU info out into the world. T-shirts came up. As soon as it did a man came over and started ranting about UU t-shirts all being stupid and that he'd never wear one unitl someone made a decent one.

I suggested that he go ahead and design his own and have them sold via cafepress. That led to a discussion of making an official church logo (they didn't have one) and getting people to buy them to wear around town.

It is so simple to make shirts via cafepress. If your congregation doesn't have a shirt of its own, check out this site and get to it!

What do I wear when I mow the lawn? No. I don't wear a UU shirt. I'm waiting for the official Philocri-Tees....