Monday, February 23, 2009

TALK: Quantum Physics and the Spirituality of Interconnection

Friends, this is my February 22, 2009 talk "Quantum Physics and the Spirituality of Interconnection" (Mp3). Running time ~15 minutes.


STAR WARS references
Before this talk was recorded I spoke to the children about whether or not "The Force" as described by YODA is real or not. We talked about what we do when we're curious about something and want to learn more. Star Wars references in this recording come from this unrecorded portion.

Like this subject?
Look for future talks with same or similar title. This topic is worthy of weeks of exploration, not minutes. No two talks with the same name are identical so keep an eye out for the next Quantum talk...

Reading List
Books that inspired this talk and titles related to ongoing research in this area may be found on my Quantum Weirdness Amazon Listmania!