Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elections - endorsements vs. accountability

I just listened to a Speaking of Faith program featuring Jim Wallis, author of God's Politics. One of the many comments Wallis made which struck me addressed the issue of endorsing candidates.

He shared that he and his organization, Sojourners, has avoided endorsing candidates. Instead, they have worked to hold ALL CANDIDATES accountable to their agenda.

I've had my thoughts about the candidates for President of the USA as well as President of the UUA. But I haven't done enough to shape the debate.

Over the course of the campaign for President of the UUA I hope you'll join me in working to shape the debate BEFORE we campaign hard for either candidate.

Both UUA Presidential candidates have started posting youtube videos. We should start posting questions for them. I'd also love to host some discussions with the candidates via digitally recorded conference call.

What process ideas do you have for framing the debate?
How can we use web to increase participation in this UUA election?

Campaign Websites
Hallman - Morales

PS - I've already had a number of conversations about the cost of running for UUA President. Me, I'm going to give equally to both campaigns... You can do the same. Each of their sites have quick, easy and safe Paypal donate buttons.

Top Ten Moments in the Race for "Pastor-in-Chief"

I just received an email from the Interfaith Alliance - great organization - sharing the top ten moments in the race for "Pastor-in-Chief." The video and top ten list are below...

The Interfaith Alliance presents
Top Ten Moments in the Race for "Pastor-in-Chief"

10. Mitt Romney is asked if he believes "every word" of the Bible
(CNN/You Tube debate (11-28-07).

9. CNN's Soledad O'Brien asks John Edwards to "name his greatest
(CNN/Sojourners town hall 6-26-07).

8. James Dobson tells a reporter he does not think that Fred
Thompson is a Christian

7. Barack Obama distributes a campaign flier describing himself as
a "Committed Christian" (1-21-08).

6. Hillary Clinton said we need to "inject faith into policy"
(CNN/Sojourners town hall 6-26-07).

5. Mike Huckabee explains his rise in the polls by invoking the
Biblical story of two fish and five loaves feeding a crowd of 5,000
people (11-28-07).

4. Tim Russert asks all the Democratic candidates to "name their
favorite Bible verse" (MSNBC 9-26-07).

3. John McCain says the Constitution established the United States
as a Christian nation and that he would prefer a Christian president

2. Barack Obama asked a congregation to help him "become an
instrument of God" and join him in creating "a Kingdom right here on
Earth" (10-17-07).

1. Mike Huckabee tells a crowd: "What we need to do is to amend the
Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's
standards" (1-14-08).

The Interfaith Alliance offers the following ways to get involved...

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