Thursday, January 31, 2008

UU's being led through month of gratitude

A search on Unitarian Universalist spiritual practices led me to a post by Thom Belote, Minister of the Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church in Overland Park, KS. Thom is leading his congregation through a month of gratitude in February. Each day has a featured spiritual practice. Very cool....

I love seeing UU ministers share their ideas and "campaigns" with such generosity. If you are sitting on a practice, program or related resource you know other congregations would want to hear about, let it be known. Send it to the UUA, your district office, me - get it out there.

I just talked with Tom about this program and he directed me to his source of inspiration for this, Rev. Ken Beldon of Wellsprings. If you check out their site notice "small groups" on the front page. Nice... If you got 'em, don't be shy! Show off your groups.

CGNews Changes, Groupwise! and UU TV

I've gotten some great emails from people since announcing last week that I am stepping down as editor Covenant Group News, the Unitarian Universalist Association's primary e-newsletter on small group ministry.

Why the change? Success!

Since launching the UU SGM Network my work has been growing. I am both a television producer and a UU consultant, trainer and guest speaker. My alternative ministry & UU media work has been growing. My secular tv production as well. Taken together all of this has squeezed out the time I had for both our network and my own writing.

Over 2008 I hope to spend more time writing and producing resources related to the various consulting work I do. Those of you interested in new small group ministry articles from me can subscribe to the small group section of my e-newsletter, "GroupWise: On UU Group Life and Leadership". I will be writing articles as time permits and compiling them for later publication.

In addition to writing, I would love to find time to do more to get us organized to produce UUtv. I haven't has much time for this, but since I first started talking about it the size of web video has doubled. Now IS the time... Stay tuned for more on that.