Thursday, January 31, 2008

CGNews Changes, Groupwise! and UU TV

I've gotten some great emails from people since announcing last week that I am stepping down as editor Covenant Group News, the Unitarian Universalist Association's primary e-newsletter on small group ministry.

Why the change? Success!

Since launching the UU SGM Network my work has been growing. I am both a television producer and a UU consultant, trainer and guest speaker. My alternative ministry & UU media work has been growing. My secular tv production as well. Taken together all of this has squeezed out the time I had for both our network and my own writing.

Over 2008 I hope to spend more time writing and producing resources related to the various consulting work I do. Those of you interested in new small group ministry articles from me can subscribe to the small group section of my e-newsletter, "GroupWise: On UU Group Life and Leadership". I will be writing articles as time permits and compiling them for later publication.

In addition to writing, I would love to find time to do more to get us organized to produce UUtv. I haven't has much time for this, but since I first started talking about it the size of web video has doubled. Now IS the time... Stay tuned for more on that.