Monday, February 23, 2009

TALK: Quantum Physics and the Spirituality of Interconnection

Friends, this is my February 22, 2009 talk "Quantum Physics and the Spirituality of Interconnection" (Mp3). Running time ~15 minutes.


STAR WARS references
Before this talk was recorded I spoke to the children about whether or not "The Force" as described by YODA is real or not. We talked about what we do when we're curious about something and want to learn more. Star Wars references in this recording come from this unrecorded portion.

Like this subject?
Look for future talks with same or similar title. This topic is worthy of weeks of exploration, not minutes. No two talks with the same name are identical so keep an eye out for the next Quantum talk...

Reading List
Books that inspired this talk and titles related to ongoing research in this area may be found on my Quantum Weirdness Amazon Listmania!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quantum Weirdness

Tomorrow, February 8, 2009, I am guest speaking on Quantum Physics and the Science of Interconnection at our Taunton, MA congregation. I will be speaking on the this again on the 22nd at Channing Church in Newport, RI.

Interested in Quantum weirdness? If you're in the neighborhood come to Channing on the 22nd. If you do, please introduce yourself to me before the service. If you can't make it, stay tuned for the audio of the sermon. I recently purchased a voice recorder so I can record my talks. If you use iTunes just open the program and under the advanced menu select subscribe to podcast. When prompted for the address enter the following URL:

For those of you new to quantum physics, take a look at the video below. In it "Dr. Quantum" explains the double slit experiment that first clued scientists in to the fact that consciousness impacts the world around us causing potential realities to collapse into specific states.

Interview with Rev. Glenn Turner on UU Small Group Ministry

This is a rebroadcast of my 2006 interview with the Rev. Glenn Turner (mp3). In this interview with Rev. Turner we cover the history, challenges and future of our Unitarian Universalist Small Group Ministry movement.

Sermon: Making the Invisible Visible

Friends, here is the mp3 file for the sermon I delivered January 25th at Channing Church in Newport, RI. Channing is the congregation my wife, the Rev. Amy Freedman, serves.

Making the Invisible Visible sermon by Peter Bowden (mp3

Sermon discusses:
My overcoming shyness
Realizing our inner potential and dreams
Welcoming Congregation (GLBT)
President Obama and the inauguration
Getting serious as UUs