Saturday, December 02, 2006

George Bush and Our Whole Lives

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This "political" action alert is being shared as the issue is one which directly challenges long established UU values. If you agree with our association's position on sexuality education please take a moment to

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Many of you know that the UUA and the UCC published a comprehensive lifespan sexuality curriculum called "Our Whole Lives". As a movement we value teaching our children, youth and adults what it means to be in healthy relationships and, at the appropriate age, the facts of life.

George Bush doesn't agree with us. Yes, he is entitled to his personal position. BUT we do need to look at how this position manifests as policy. Empashis on the LOOK OUT!!!!

Our President has just appointed a man in charge of our country's family planning program who is clearly opposes contraception and is against distributing information about birth control.

How can someone with this position faithfully carry out his duties? That's like putting a hard core pro-life in charge of research and development for the PLAN B pill. Uh, not a wise decision. Would George Bush put a Christian peace activist in charge of the Pentagon? No. You've got to be willing to kill if you're going to be in charge of the military.

You can help send a message to our government about the inappropriate nature of this situation -- send kind of a virtual smack upside the head. Hello!!!

Take action by clicking the link below. Thanks.

More from Planned Parenthood:
Eric Keroack was the medical director of five so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" hat oppose contraception and do not distribute information promoting birth control. In Keroack's new role, he will oversee hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding meant to provide access to contraception and reproductive health information. This politically motivated appointment is not in the health interest of women and families.

Thanks for taking action on this one. I hate watching as our country slips backwards in terms of liberty, civil rights and the values we've worked hard for. I guess we have to remember that when we win certain rights we are only winning them for now...

In faith,