Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Learn to FRAME the issue and take back American values.

I recently saw George Lakoff speak at the UUA's General Assembly in Fort Worth, TX.

If you are a religious liberal or other progressive and want to grab the steering wheel and keep America from following her/his present course, read Lakoff's book, Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate--The Essential Guide for Progressives.

Reviews describe it as " the definitive handbook for understanding and communicating effectively about key issues in the 2004 election, and beyond. Read it, take action—and help take America back."

I would suggest that you not only get the book and read it, but start integrating Lakoff's framing for our progressive values into your sermons, newspaper articles, letters to the editor, and so on.

Lakoff offers these unifying progressive values:

  1. Stronger America
  2. Broad Prosperity
  3. Better Future
  4. Effective Government
  5. Mutual Responsibility

These are listed on page 94. How about an adult program that looks at each of these compared to the conservative alternatives in the light of our UU Principles? I'd go to that one...

You can watch an online video of one of Lakoff's UUA General Assembly programs by visiting the UUA's GA website or clicking here.