Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Calling all UU Evangelists & Bloggers

Just over two years ago I got married. Yes, I married a UU parish minister. Big surprise there! After gettomg married I moved to the city where her congregation is located. This move + being the minister's spouse has provided many opportunities to tell people about our faith.

When I meet someone new it often comes up that I moved to town after getting married. I try to mention that Amy's the minister of the Unitaian Universalist church in town.


I either get that or "Oh yeah, I heard something about UU. What is that?"

I love telling people about our faith. BUT it can get to be time consuming. Being friendly, a minister's spouse, and passionate about sharing our faith means I get sucked into UU conversations all day long. Good? Yes. Convenient? Not always.

Over time I found myself trying to take a short cut and refer people to either the church website or the UUA's site. I found this often leading to looks of anxiety or confusion.

Finally I decided that the best way for me to be a POWER UU Evangelist was to make my own website to refer people to that isn't too churchy or intimidating. Something that is easy to remember. After some thought and review of the work of my favorite marketing guru, Seth Godin, I came up with my own personal UU evangelism site -- www.uufaq.com.

It is simple.
It is obvious what its about.
It is easy to remember.

Great! Now for CONTENT. This is a brand new site. All I have done so far is place some basic links on it with a "more in the works" message.

What I'd love to know is what YOU would like to see in such a site. What are the basic questions people are looking to have answered. I want to make this site interesting, engaging, and dare I say FUN? It would be nice to have it evolve into a site that others will refer people to, including those who visit it. For that to happen it MUST have a touch of humor and weirdness to it. Don't you think?

Do you have ideas? If so you please send them to me. If you have other UU evangelism and/or marketing stories to share, send 'em my way too.


UU PLANET Ministries