Friday, December 08, 2006

The Fountain of UUth?

Are you following Fountain Street's growth and development? If not, you should. Just take a look at their "Century Vision" document. It includes some very clear statements about what liberal religion is about AND a real action plan.

I LOVE THIS because they are aspiring to be a beacon for their exisitng members, not just for their immediate community -- they're in it for the world. That's right. Life change and liberal religion for all who want it.

- Liberal Religion is about spiritual liberation.
- Freeing people to be truly alive is the mission of liberal religion.
- A liberal church exists to make this happen. It does so in three ways.
1. by proclaiming the liberating vision
2. by helping people pursue a life of spiritual liberation throughout life, and
3. by living that life, personally and as a community, in the wider community.

One aspect of their plan is to develop resources other churches can use. WHen this happens I have little doubt that the very UU-like vision of their church and their ministry will spread.

I'm very interested to see what happens with this. Will Fountain Street become a national player like Willow Creek and Saddle Back? I hope so. I hope your church will too. Do you have a plan?

Where will people go to find a liberal religious home over the next 20 -100 years? The UUA member congregations or will they go to the Fountain???

Read Fountain Steet's "Century Vision"