Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thandeka's ENTIRE Star Island RE Week theme talk for $17.50

This Summer I had the pleasure of leading a weeklong young adult workshop on Star Island, a beautiful mish mash of UU evangelism, campus ministry, and small group ministry.

The theme speaker of the week was Thandeka, a very popular UU writer and theologian. I won't explain what the talk was about. You can look at the description of the 2006 RE WEEK page.

I will say that after every talk of hers I've been to people go Wow! or Whoa! Though Thandeka admits that people later have trouble remembering exactly what she said. Given this Thandeka was very intentional about boiling it down to easy to remember phrases.

If you are a Thandeka fan or are interested in what she calls "Affective Theology" then this is a must have. The week started off with this: "Our bodies make believers of us all."

$17.50 for 3 audio CD's with a whole week of theme talks including shipping!

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