Monday, October 15, 2007

Sharing our UU Family Tree

On my site I have been compiling all of the content I discuss with people in the course of my UU evangelism. One of the missing bits of info has been a "tree of religions" showing our UU family tree. I've found it helpful to communicate our place in history. However, this isn't the easiest thing to draw on a napkin in a coffee shop.

Using a fun online tool I've made a version of our family tree. Feel free to share it. AND please, I'm no historian. Give me corrections. It was a royal pain in the you know what trying to get enough info from our various websites to make this version. This info should be much easier to find. So help me out. If you're a UU historian, please send me feedback. You can comment below.

Here is the link and an embedded flash version (click and drag to move).