Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Channing Church launches capital campaign to restore steeple

Know any William Ellery Channing fans? If so, show them this video.

Our congregation (where Amy serves as minister), built as a memorial to William Ellery Channing, has launched a campaign to restore its stone steeple to its original condition. You can see present state of the steeple in the video above.

Thanks to generous donations and a $440+ thousand Save America's Treasures grant we are over two thirds to the $1.2 million goal to fix Channing's stone steeple and the rare chime bells it holds. When it was first built people from across the world contributed, so powerful was William Ellery Channing's Unitarian message and social justice work.

Our members and friends are working on the remaining third. We're hoping that YOU and YOUTUBE will help Channing fans learn about our campaign so all who want to see Channing's memorial fully restored can send in their donation. Contributions of all sizes are welcome and needed. Donations may be sent to Channing Church at 135 Pelham Street, Newport, RI 02840 with checks made out to Channing Church and Steeple Fund in the memo line.

Thanks for your help in sharing this video.