Friday, April 17, 2009

UUA President Candidates featured on UUPLANET.TV through June


At the April 14th candidates forum in RI I was struck by the magnitude of the choice facing our movement. We have two outstanding ministers running to be president of the Unitartian Universalist Associaiton of Congregations, each with a very clear sense of where we need to go.

At the forum I discovered that many people haven't found the growing number of videos related to the campaign. While I am remaining publicly neutral (as a freerange UU change agent I do have a bias) I want to help as many UUs engage with the campaign, candidates, and VOTE. To help I have shifted the focus of my UU video site to the campaign. Now through the June election this site will feature election related content.

Absentee balloting allows for huge participation in this election. The ballots must be received by the UUA no later than June 17th in order to be counted. More election information here.