Thursday, May 08, 2008

Offsetting carbon is cheaper than I thought

Monday I'm starting a new project in Boston related to my tv work. Since this will require a good deal of commuting over the next 15 weeks I decided to look into the price of offsetting my emissions.

I went to and entered my projected mileage - 9,000 miles over that period of time. I was scared to hit calculate... How much is it going to be? What if it is more than I imagined. I clicked the button bracing for the damage.


Sweet Jesus! That's it? Did you know it cost so little to offset??? I had no idea.

Do us all a favor. Go to and see how much it will cost to offset your driving. Heck, why not see what it will cost to offset the mileage on your car to date.

I just calculated the cost of offsetting 100,000 miles on a 99 Toyota Corolla. The cost for offsetting the estimated emitted 29.97 TONS of carbon this vehicle has emitted is $162.22.