Thursday, May 08, 2008

UU's embracing "Low cost, high-tech media"

Paul Worhach Hudson from the UU Church of Berkeley just wrote to share what his congregation is doing with "low cost, high tech" media. I've been talking about UU TV and related media, but I haven't discussed the power of distributing audio content via new media. Far more people have audio players (iPod, etc...) than video players like iphones and ipod video. Also, a number of people, myself included, are listening to audio podcasts on our desktop computers. I've taken to listen to a number of congregations sermons while cleaning my office.

If you haven't, start thinking about how your congregation can distribute audio content via new cheap high tech media channels.

Paul writes:

In addition to our podcasts and YouTube videos, UUCB has just put up an album of children's stories on iTunes (via CDBaby, who distributes and sends the album to a plethora of music buying sites) from our MRE Chris Holton Jablonksi. There are at least two other UU churches that have released albums on iTunes, including the Orange County UU Choir (their original song "I am a Unitarian Universalist" is really cute.) This might be something that other UU churches might want to tap into.

Here's our iTunes link:

And here's our CDBaby link: